Creative Safety Images for Covid-19 (2021)

Creative Safety Images for Covid-19 (2021)

Creative Safety Images for Covid-19 (2021)

Creative Safety Images for Covid-19 (2021)


Ways to prevent disease

Wear face masks in crowded and closed places Cover coughs and sneezes with tissues. Avoid Crowd As an individual, you can decrease your risk of infection by reducing the rate of contact with other people.

Avoiding unnecessary public spaces and social gatherings, especially events with large numbers of people or crowds, will decrease the chance of exposure to the coronavirus, as well as other infectious diseases such as the flu. Hand hygiene Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available.

Sick people Avoid close contact with anyone who has symptoms of respiratory disease. What are the symptoms of COVID-19? Coronavirus symptoms Coronavirus symptoms can take up to 14 days to appear. The main symptoms to be observed are: Fever – means that you feel hot when you touch your chest or back (it is not necessary to take your temperature).

It is a common sign and can also appear in 2 to 10 days if you are affected. Coughing – it means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more episodes of coughing in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than normal). Shortness of breath – About 1 in 6 people receiving COVID-19 becomes seriously ill and has difficulty breathing or shortness of breath. WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU Common questions!

Creative Safety Images for Covid-19 (2021)

What is isolation?

Separation of the affected person or suspected of being infected from other healthy people during the period of infection of the disease in inadequate places and health conditions, in order to prevent the transmission of the infection.

What is the difference between isolation and quarantine?

Isolation and quarantine are common public health strategies used to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Isolation and quarantine keep people sick or exposed to illnesses isolated for a defined period of time to prevent the spread of the disease.

Creative Safety Images for Covid-19 (2021)

Avoid close contact with other people.

It is important to understand that the new coronavirus spreads mainly from person to person. If an infected person coughs or sneezes, their droplets can infect people nearby.

That is why it is important to avoid close contact with other people. Understand that people (including children) may be infected with the new coronavirus and have only mild symptoms.

Why is this prevention important to me?

You may be asked to: Stay at home Stay away from other people Make sure there are no symptoms of the disease Contact your doctor if you develop symptoms. Does isolation and quarantine prevent infection from other people? Quarantine and isolation are effective measures to reduce the spread of the disease to all members of society.

Creative Safety Images for Covid-19 (2021)

What is quarantine?

Restrict the activities of healthy people for a period of time, as determined by the competent medical authorities

All about masks in the context of COVID-19

Masks should be used as part of a comprehensive strategy of measures to suppress transmission and save lives; the use of a mask alone is not sufficient to provide an adequate level of protection against COVID-19.

Creative Safety Images for Covid-19 (2021)

If COVID-19 is spreading in your community, be safe by taking some simple precautions, such as physical distance, wearing a mask, maintaining well-ventilated rooms, avoiding crowds, cleaning your hands and coughing on an elbow or folded tissue. Check the local councils where you live and work.

Do it all! Make wearing a mask a normal part of being around other people. Proper use, storage and cleaning or disposal of masks are essential to make them as effective as possible. Here are the basics of how to wear a mask: Clean your hands before putting on the mask, as well as before and after removing it and after touching it at any time.

Creative Safety Images for Covid-19 (2021)

Make sure to cover your nose, mouth and chin. When taking off a mask, store it in a clean plastic bag and wash it every day, if it is a fabric mask, or throw it in the trash. Do not use masks with valves.

Creative Safety Images for Covid-19 (2021)

Some steps you can take to avoid close contact with others include:

  • Stay at home as much as possible and reduce the number of visitors.
  • Practice physical distance:
  • Stand at least two meters away from other people in public places.
  • Call friends and family or visit by video.
  • Ask your employer if it is possible to work from home.
  • Avoid people who appear to be sick.
  • Go shopping and run errands during off-peak hours.

Creative Safety Images for Covid-19 (2021)

Wear a face mask whenever you are in a public place where you will meet other people. The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 can spread among people who interact nearby – for example, by talking, coughing, sneezing or singing – even if these people do not show symptoms. Find out more information about how masks help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Creative Safety Images for Covid-19 (2021)
Creative Safety Images for Covid-19 (2021)
Creative Safety Images for Covid-19 (2021)

When and how to use masks

Methods of protecting the Corona virus to prevent the spread of the coronavirus on airport trips and public transportation spaces. woman wearing face mask against man washing hands with hand hygiene soap.

Creative Safety Images for Covid-19 (2021)

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