Eye-catching business card designs 2021

Eye-catching business card designs 2021

Business cards are still an important marketing asset for Organization. If you don’t have a Business card that you can hand over to prospective customers or friends, a business card lets customers realize they know someone in your company or business, a standard business card design allows customers to deal with you easily. More pleasing for and here are some. Features an excellent business card design. Eye-catching business card designs 2021

There are some feature of Business card. please read carefully in the below.

1. Size and shape
Before you sit down to design your business card, it is important to know the size and orientation of your card. This not only affects the size of the text and the amount of information you can include, but also integrates things like you are traditional or bold non-adaptive. Horizontal rectangular cards are the shape most people are familiar with.

Vertical cards are less common and can be used to distinguish you from your competitors. If standing is your goal, then you might want to consider a special plastic business card with an eye-catching layer between the front and back sides or an extra thick card of color fill. Decide where your business is between low and high. there are the size is 3.5 x 2 regular size.

Design # 1

Eye-catching business card designs 2021

Eye-catching business card designs 2021

2. Include only the most important information not in details

To reduce the size of the font and add every last information on your business card. It affects you. Some designers create cards that include staples (name, title, business name, phone, email, website), and each social network profile, sales pitch, a comprehensive list of services, and a bio. If you have so much information on your card, you will definitely lose the attention of the recipient due to the heavy load of information. Eye-catching business card designs 2021

You want to add enough to stop the recipient’s interest and make it memorable, without turning your head. Leave the kitchen sink, and keep your business card simple by being selective about the information you add. Eye-catching business card designs 2021

3. Logo

Your logo fonts You can order the fonts used in the rest of the fonts. If your company has something to do with children, use a child-like font and a normal font, such as Helvetica. The “Fun” font can be used for large text like your name, and the readable font should be used for anything small. If you want to show professionalism, use different weights of fonts such as Helvetica (such as Helvetica Light and Helvetica Bold), and stick to black and white. Eye-catching business card designs 2021

4. Avoid full coverage

With affordable business card printing, it’s very common to have full color text and designs on both sides of your business card. But, unless absolutely necessary, avoid the temptation to completely cover every white spot on your card. Eye-catching business card designs 2021

Making notes for your recipient or reviewing a memory trigger when there is no space to write, when there is a dark color that covers the entire surface, or when a glossy object is applied on both sides. Impossible. For those who regularly use business cards for note-taking, your black, glossy card may not be a cut for them.

Design #2

Eye-catching business card designs 2021

Eye-catching business card designs 2021

5. Get them professionally printed

Although you can print your business cards on your inkjet printer using your business card business paper at home, please consider professional printing instead. Unless you have the commercial ability to print, DIY business cards may not make the best impression.

You can save a moderate amount of money and easily update your information if you print them yourself, but the effect of handing over a home business card is not the same as professionally printed.

7. Make your business card sticky

Forget marmalade fingers, by ‘sticky’ we mean how long your card will be in a place where your customer can see it. We’ve seen magnetic cards work very well for businesses offering recurring services like plumbing, house painting, gardening, pet sitting, hairdressing, car services, etc. People put them on the fridge to refer back to on a regular basis.

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Eye-catching business card designs 2021


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