Top 4 Book Cover Creative Design Templates

Top 4 Book Cover Creative Design Templates

Top 4 Book Cover Creative Design Templates

Top 4 Book Cover Creative Design Templates

Benefits of a Fantastic Cover: Worth It?

What’s more important – content or cover?

Yes, yes, you would rather read a great book with a lousy cover than a lousy book with an incredible cover. But that’s not the choice buyers face. Buyers see tens of millions of books to choose from. Tens of thousands of them are good books with fantastic covers. If no one finds your book, its contents will not matter. Maybe you think the content is so good that once a few people read it, the rumor will fly.

Then you need to consider another problem. There are thousands of great books out there, and many have fantastic covers. Why should your book sell like other great books with great covers? Credibility, for example. If it doesn’t look like a lot of time and effort has gone into the cover, why should readers expect so much time and effort into the content?

Reviews may say the book is good, but the cover may reflect a lack of effort. Poor coverage raises doubts in the mind of the buyer. Recommendations for another. Many people are more likely to recommend a book that looks good. And many other reasons (see below). I am happy to help other authors improve their books.

Top 4 Book Cover Creative Design Templates

When new authors come to me for help, the most common question I get is, “How can I improve my book?” Most of the time my answer has to do with revising the cover. Not all my own covers are perfect. It is easier to criticize the cover than to improve it; There are many mistakes to be avoided when designing a cover.

And it’s not always worth investing in a good cover. There is also a cost-benefit problem. Let’s look at the benefits first and then get back to the question of cost. There are many possible benefits to be gained from a fantastic cover: Attracts attention. People cannot read books that they do not discover.

Your sketch is one of dozens on the search result pages. Make your book stand out with a great cover. Shows effort. Buyers believe a book is more likely to be professional on the inside if the cover looks professional.

Top 4 Book Cover Creative Design Templates

Correct packaging.

The cover should look like it belongs to this genre. Otherwise, the people attracted by the cover won’t buy the book, which means there won’t be any sales. This is one of the most common selling disincentives for self-published books. Fashion is important. The reader needs a book that he or she can see while holding it.

Does your cover appeal to your target audience? People don’t wear shirts that they don’t like, and they also tend not to buy books that don’t match their sense of style. Confidence. Clients often don’t realize that books are self-publishing when the cover looks amazing. (Even if you use imprint, if the cover does not look professional, clients will suspect that it was self-published.) Check potential.

Top 4 Book Cover Creative Design Templates

Reviewers of blogs, newspapers, etc. are more likely to take an interest in reviewing your book, interviewing, or announcing promotions or events if the book looks professional. They certainly don’t want to show it on their websites, in newspapers, etc. D. Lousy covers. Recommendations. People are more likely to recommend your book to others – by word of mouth or otherwise – if the cover looks great. If the story is good, but the cover is so-so, they are unlikely to recommend it.

But if the cover is cool, they can just say, “Look at this incredible cover.” Visual reminder. Once people buy your book, it can just sit on the table, shelf or Kindle for a while. Every time they see your book, a great cover helps them renew their interest in reading it. This increases the chances of it being read and may speed up the process a little.

Top 4 Book Cover Creative Design Templates

The more people read your book, the more likely you are to receive reviews, recommendations, etc. Branding. The image of your book is an important part of the author’s corporate identity. The fantastic cover goes a long way. If the cover adheres to the three-color rule, contains only one image, and clearly denotes the genre and content, it helps people remember the image – so they will recognize your book from your previous marketing efforts the next time they see it.

(If the cover is of poor quality, they think, “Wow” every time they see it, instead, and branding diminishes the book’s potential.) Art. It’s not just the content that matters. People also love art for art’s sake. People buy prints of artwork or photographs that they like. If your cover is attractive, the cover has its merits.

Coffee table books are decorative and also serve for conversation. A good cover serves the same purpose when people read your book in public, such as on a bus. Judgment. Maybe people shouldn’t judge books by their covers, but people do. A great cover is an example of what to expect. This is a small demonstration of the amount of effort an author (or publisher) can put in.

Top 4 Book Cover Creative Design Templates


A fantastic cover helps the reader get in the mood when you start reading the book. The reader who starts out with a positive outlook on the book is likely to enjoy the book. The reader who doubts the book will turn out to be good is constantly looking for details for criticism. Thus, the cover can, on average, influence reviews. You.

The cover isn’t just about helping sales and satisfying the reader. This is also about you. You need to be happy with your cover. This is your book, so you should love your own cover. Put a great cover on top of your book. It should match your style. The cover, including how professional it looks, is reflected in the author.

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Top 4 Book Cover Creative Design Templates

Design # 1

Top 4 Book Cover Creative Design Templates

Design # 2

Top 4 Book Cover Creative Design Templates

Design # 3

Top 4 Book Cover Creative Design Templates

Design # 4

Top 4 Book Cover Creative Design Templates

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