VIP 4 Visiting Card in CDR

VIP 4 Visiting Card in CDR

VIP 4 Visiting Card in CDR

Why is a Visiting Card important?

Visiting cards show that you are professional and serious about your business.

If someone asks for a card and you can’t show it, you will look amateurish and unprepared for doing business. Good Visiting cards are shown to others and shared between interlocutors and colleagues.

VIP 4 Visiting Card in CDR

10 advantages of Visiting cards

  1. An affordable way to promote your brand.
    Visiting cards can be ordered in bulk at a relatively low price. The number you print is flexible very the amount depending on how much you will be using from day to day. Suppose you are going to a trade show in a month, you can increase your order in no time.

Printing is also available for several people, but with different names, for example, for the sales department.

Print lots of cards to ensure employee safety at network events and customer meetings.

  1. Great for events and exhibitions.
    Trade shows and trade shows provide a great opportunity to promote your brand and build your contact base. These events are ideal for making new contacts and making sales.

But oftentimes people leave to consider whether to buy something or move on – your business card is invaluable here as they ensure they have your contact details if they want to get in touch.

Plus, if you’re attending a trade show, they don’t take up space on your booth and remind people of your brand that they can take with them.

  1. Something tangible – a business analogue of vinyl records.
    People are increasingly preferring paper copies. Something they can hold and feel. Look at the rise in book sales and the continuing vinyl renaissance. Business cards are part of this analog resurgence.

They are a small part of your brand that people can take home to hang on the refrigerator or something on the letter rack. Make it harder for people to throw them away with compelling designs and content that show how your service can solve their problems.

  1. Easy to distribute and display
    Business cards can also act as a static display where people can pick them up as they walk by.

Display them anywhere, including:

Shop counter
Pinned on the notice board in the office
Held in the display holder
Make sure your name and company are visible on the display – consider if the information is correct at the top of the page?

  1. Ideal for certain industries and professions.
    We live off laptops and smartphones. But often only a tactile business card will work – for example, if you work on the ground or in a convention center with junk Wi-Fi.


Builders and landscapers use business cards to communicate details when mobile signals aren’t working.
Plumbers and electricians use them to communicate urgent issues to their clients.
Street food stalls use them as an affordable way to promote their brand locally.

  1. Remembers email addresses for you.
    Phone numbers, email addresses and names are easy to forget. Business cards collect this information in one place so that you can remember it long after meeting this person.

They may have even used your card to create a contact on their phone or work email. This is a great example of how business cards and digital channels complement each other.

VIP 4 Visiting Card in CDR

7. More visible than email

VIP 4 Visiting Card in CDR

You are sending someone an email about your brand. It looks great and describes key information in detail. But it does its job only when it is opened.

A business card is a constant physical reminder of your brand. People won’t look at them all the time, but if they have them at home on a notice board, on a table or in a refrigerator, you will be more in their eyes than with an email.

VIP 4 Visiting Card in CDR

  1. Leaves a lasting professional impression.
    Nothing implies professionalism like a business card that accompanies a handshake after a meeting with a client, a networking event, or a job done.

A business card says a lot about you and your business. When you pass it on to a client, it demonstrates that you are a trusted representative for your company, and it can make a lasting impression.

VIP 4 Visiting Card in CDR

  1. Pocket size to carry with you at all times.

Keep your cards in your pocket when you are working, and even when you are not working – you never know when the opportunity will arise. Small and concise, these small ad tools take up almost no space, but can help you capitalize on unexpected opportunities.

Take the time to design and content your card. This will give people:

A clear understanding of your brand identity
Your key messages, framed as benefits
All the information they need to contact you.

VIP 4 Visiting Card in CDR

  1. Helps visually remember your brand.
    Cards allow you to show courage in your brand. It is an opportunity to use powerful visuals and graphics to advertise you and your company.

Be creative when creating your own artwork. Use logos, images, and eye-catching colors to create your brand image. A well-designed business card is a window into what your company offers and can help you remember it forever.

VIP 4 Visiting Card in CDR

your complete design template is here

VIP 4 Visiting Card in CDR

From here start your VIP 4 Visiting Card in CDR Templates

VIP 4 Design Visiting Card in CDR Fonts Side Design # 1

VIP 4 Visiting Card in CDR

VIP 4 Design Visiting Card in CDR Back Side Design # 1

VIP 4 Design Visiting Card in CDR Fonts Side Design # 2

VIP 4 Design Visiting Card in CDR Back Side Design # 2

VIP 4 Design Visiting Card in CDR Fonts Side Design # 3

VIP 4 Design Visiting Card in CDR Back Side Design # 3

VIP 4 Design Visiting Card in CDR Fonts Side Design # 4

VIP 4 Design Visiting Card in CDR Back Side Design # 3

VIP 4 Visiting Card in CDR

VIP 4 Visiting Card in CDR from here you can download your Source file in CDR Format


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